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After months of work it is finally so far, we are the 10-10-2020 and today is Clean Hospitals Day. This year’s call to action: follow the Clean Hospitals social medial accounts and share them in order to spread the word.

Why was the Clean Hospitals Day created?

This Global Awareness raising campaign highlights the importance of healthcare environmental hygiene. It is also a call to join Clean Hospitals in celebrating and empowering key environmental hygiene healthcare workers.

The purpose of the Clean Hospitals Day is to ensure recognition of the importance of cleaning, disinfection and hygiene standards in the healthcare environment and making healthcare facilities a cleaner and safer place. It will also provide evidence-based guidance and best practice to decision makers and relevant stakeholders ensuring healthcare systems across the world are unilaterally better equipped to protect patients, visitors and staff.

The ambition of Clean Hospitals and this specific awareness raising programme is to make the difference by speaking in the name of the whole Healthcare Environmental Hygiene sector.

The Clean Hospitals Day will be recognized for its key stakeholders, experience and the science-based and transdisciplinary integrative approach. Clean Hospitals Day is the guardian protecting healthcare workers, patients and the environment. We believe that by making care facilities a cleaner place, the healthcare system is better equipped to protect its inhabitants.

 What is the global objective of this initiative?

Clean Hospitals is an organization that connects stakeholders from all over the world and enables them to improve healthcare environmental hygiene together.

We want to increase awareness and consequently lead to a change in environmental hygiene culture, by providing guidance, knowledge and support in adoption of proven innovations. This will enable the implementation of global standards for environmental hygiene, to protect the lives of patients, healthcare workers and visitors with the aim to reduce healthcare associated infections (HAI) and associated deaths.

 Objectives of the 2020 Clean Hospitals Day

The purpose of the 2020 Clean Hospitals Day is to highlight our Heroes behind the scene.

It will highlight key healthcare workers; give them the appreciation they deserve as their work is very important and often goes unnoticed. The 2020 campaign will also call on hospital management, decision makers & stakeholders to champion environmental hygiene and to take action to make hospitals cleaner and safer.


Celebrate the clean hospitals day together with us & spread the word !

Feel free to connect to understand how you can involve in the Clean Hospitals initiative, how to become a partner and how your organization can benefit from the Network.


Celebrate the CLEAN HOSPITALS DAY together with us !

Spread the word, share the message !



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