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Healthcare environmental hygiene is increasingly recognized as critical in infection prevention and control (IPC). This tool has been developed and internationally validated to help healthcare facilities to identify areas for improvement in their environmental hygiene programs, as well as benchmark this improvement over time. This marks the first time that a global snapshot of healthcare environmental hygiene programs is being attempted. The tool is geared towards IPC experts and environmental hygiene managers to help them identify areas for improvement in their facilities. It has been developed with the help of over 100 infection prevention experts around the world and has been internationally validated.

Our pilot study of an earlier version of the tool was conducted by Clean Hospitals in 51 healthcare facilities in 35 countries. See here…

The HEHSAF is published on the online platform REDCap, a secure web platform specifically geared to support online and offline data capture for research studies and operations. Healthcare facilities who complete the HEHSAF will have access to their own detailed data, but only anonymized and aggregated data will be published or shared. This is of utmost importance to ensure that healthcare facilities are comfortable being transparent when filling out the tool.

Let’s improve healthcare environmental hygiene together and save lives!

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Clean Hospitals extends appreciation and gratitude to the committed individuals who played a pivotal role in shaping the Healthcare Environmental Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework.