4 November 2020 from 9.30 - 11.00 AM CEST

Clean Hospitals is proud to participate in Interclean Online from 3-6 November 2020. It is a special event for the initiative as the concept was developed during Interclean 2018.

Discover more about the presentations that will be held during the Healthcare cleaning Forum.

Prof. Didier Pittet - Clean Hospitals Chair

09:35 - 10:00 : COVID-19 and Healthcare environmental hygiene

Healthcare-associated infections are responsible for millions of deaths every year and affect hundreds of millions of patients. During a pandemic, the situation becomes even more dire, as attention is shifted to the emergency at hand, often at a high cost to patents and healthcare workers.
COVID-19 has tested healthcare facilities around the world. Healthcare environmental hygiene is a crucial building block in slowing this pandemic and preventing SARS CoV-2 from being spread during the delivery of healthcare. Though the pandemic has greatly increased focus on social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing masks, environmental hygiene is an oft-neglected aspect of infection prevention. It is crucial to maintain our focus on a safer healthcare environment in order to keep patients and nurses safe.

Dr. Pierre Parneix - Clean Hospitals Education Director

10:00 - 10:25 : How can we measure quality and why does it matter ?

Providing patients with a safe healthcare environment is essential for their safety and well- being. This means that the healthcare environment must be appropriately cleaned and disinfected when and where needed. In order to be able to designate an area as safe, we need quality assessment methods and standards to define targets and acceptable levels of contamination or soil.
How we measure quality of disinfection has a direct impact on what we know about the safety of an area, and even the trust and relationships institutions have with their staff and healthcare workers. Post-discharge cleaning and high-touch surfaces management remain the main targets of infection control teams in their efforts to limit cross-contamination. How institutions decide to measure quality of environmental hygiene will have a direct impact on cleaning staff, healthcare workers, and patients.
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After the presentations a large Q&A interactive session will be held. Join us to see your questions answered by Prof. Pittet and Dr. Parneix.

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