Why do you need to join Clean Hospitals?

In this high-pressure situation, our hospital network is at boiling point and what’s on the inside is now coming out and being noticed. Many, many individuals and teams of healthcare workers are being praised for their heroic actions, teams of cleaners are being clapped at the end of their shift, and the general public is in praise of how our healthcare workers are putting their lives and their families lives in danger.

COVID-19 has already shown us that viruses spread when cases are concentrated in cruise ships, hospitals, aged care facilities and that cross contamination not only occurs through patient to patient contact but also through touching of infected surfaces within a facility and touching your face.

There is much to be done to ensure our facilities are clean and safe for our healthcare workers, their families and patients.

Why are we different? Why is our initiative unique?

Clean Hospitals offers a unique blend of environmental hygiene experience and expertise from diverse stakeholders in all regions of the world. Competitors collaborate and each other’s opinions are discussed with a common goal: consistent environmental hygiene and raising standards. We want to harness our collective strength and make improvements while anticipating the future.

Discover our member testimonials to understand why they joined the network.

Because together we can & will make a difference. JOIN US !



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