What does the New Normal means?

For each of us, it has a special signification as it depends on what you have been through and confronted with.

The lock-down and this difficult period has certainly changed things in our lives.

We certainly have learned from this experience.  Will we grow your behavior changes or are we going back to our old habits?

This period, may have helped you to face and put into perspective, because if you are safe and healthy, what do you need more?

Healthy and safe, are key words for the Clean Hospitals initiative.

Since 2018 when the idea of creating this network was born, the team aims to improve cleaning, healthcare environmental hygiene and patient safety.

We think that all together it is our duty to create awareness around hygiene best practices.

Together we can make the changes which are necessary for the very near future.

Hospitals, Industries, Governmental Bodies, Academics, Associations, Providers, Subcontractors, and all organizations involved in the cleaning and healthcare environmental hygiene sector are welcomed to join Clean Hospitals.

Join the Clean Hospitals group, be involved in the changes to come… in the New Normal.

Contact the team for more information. 

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