Clean Hospitals team is pleased to participate in the IClean 2020 Online conference !


This event brings tohether infection prevention and control specialists, science and industry.

Discover IClean 2020 online conference 

What topics will address our team ?


Prof. Didier Pittet

Clean Hospitals and how the International Group can help you. Discover what Clean Hospitals is currently working on to help you implement best practice. Prof Pittet will outline progress to date and future plans for Clean Hospitals globally using strategy learnt from the Clean Hands and the 5 moments of hand hygiene campaign.

What COVID-19 is teaching us. 

Hear from Professor Pittet on what he and his team have been discovering about COVID-19 during the current global pandemic and how we can use that data to wisely proceed forward into helping stop the spread of infections in our healthcare facilities.

Key Speaker Panel Discussion : How can we manage COVID-19 in positive way? 

This 30 minute session opens up discussion with all our key speakers. Your most important questions will be answered as we focus on how our global healthcare services can get through this current crisis.


Alexandra Peters   

Fake News in Healthcare Environmental Hygiene 

When Misinformation is brought into healthcare communication channels, the outcomes can be dangerous. Learn the right steps to identify, analyse and combat fake news with your workforce. Understand whey fake news is so infectious and the true effect it has on healthcare worker compliance.


Pierre Parneix 

Clean Hospitals Group 

The importance of global group collaboration.



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