How can we keep waste management uninterrupted, safe, and focused on protecting public health?

Clean Hospitals is proud to share a collaborative partnership with the International Solid Waste Association and invites you to their free roundtable on waste management and COVID-19.

ISWA’s mission is to promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management worldwide and achieves its mission through:

  • Promoting resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption
  • Support to developing and emerging economies
  • Advancement of waste management through education and training
  • Promoting appropriate and best available technologies and practices
  • Professionalism through its programme on professional qualifications

What impact does COVID-19 have on waste management worldwide?

Over the last few months almost every country worldwide has had to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak. The first wave of quarantines throughout the world will create serious social and political impacts, and have already required a quick response from the waste industry.

ISWA has gathered best practices from their national members and also created recommendation based on multiple expert collaborators within the ISWA network.

Take a look at their COVID website page for more information.

The speakers, from the ISWA Board and Scientific & Technical Committee, will discuss waste management in these unprecedented times during this 1-hour roundtable.

This webinar is intended for all working in the waste management sector who want to get expert insight into the latest information, best practices, and recommendations of waste management and COVID-19.

Join the round table and participate in the discussion



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