Where do we want to act and implement our initiative?


Clean Hospitals is a Global Healthcare Environmental Hygiene Network.

We are a coalition of international stakeholders, academia, governmental bodies, NGO’s, hospitals and industry Experts. We work closely together to promote and support Healthcare Environmental Hygiene through training, specialized working groups and committees. Our goals are to create awareness, look at research, innovations, new methods and support education to eventually make healthcare facilities safer through improved environmental hygiene.

This global and worldwide awareness raising programme will address all the components of Healthcare Environmental Hygiene such as fabrics and fittings, surfaces, air, medical waste, water, sterilization-device reprocessing, IT, …

The Clean Hospitals Day has been created to ensure recognition of the importance of cleaning, disinfection and hygiene standards in the healthcare environment and making healthcare facilities a cleaner and safer place.
It is also ment to provide evidence-based guidance and best practice to decision makers and relevant stakeholders ensuring healthcare systems across the world are unilaterally better equipped to protect patients, visitors and staff.

#cleanhospitalsday information is available here. 

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