The 5th of November Clean Hospitals met with its stakeholders in Amsterdam RAI.
After the networking lunch, the progress of subgroups and committees was presented. The meeting ended with 2020 goals, events and deliverables.

Finally, the question “Why did you join Clean Hospitals and what does it mean to you?” was asked to all members. The Clean Hospitals was pleased to hear the positive reactions of our members:

  • “This group will help to change the mentality”.
  • “Through Clean Hospitals we will have a bigger reach”.
  • “We will save lives through science-based cleaning”.
  • “Clean Hospitals will make us aware if we are going in the wrong direction”.
  • “Implication of different backgrounds will give more input to the aim we are all working for.”
  • “The team is a group who will be able to accomplish more together as we have the same goals regarding patient safety. This is the power of a group like Clean Hospitals”.

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