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Clean Hospitals Day Steering Committee

10-10-2020 #CleanHospitalsDay

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10 questions to be answered

Between the 10th and 20th of October,
each day one question that will be answered during the teleclass will be released.
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20-10-2020 Teleclass by Prof. Pittet and Dr. Parneix

Clean Hospitals : The Next Frontier in Infection Prevention.
Join the Free Clean Hospitals Day teleclass the 20th of October at 7.30PM CEST.
More information very soon.

The backbone for high environmental hygiene standards

Emphasize hospital management and decision makers responsibilities

Making the invisible cleaning staff visible

Recognize the value of cleaners & Key Healthcare Workers

Highlight the impact and consequence of outbreaks on patients and healthcare resources.

Understand better the cost and value of cleaning and healthcare environemental hygiene

We all know that we have to improve it, so let’s do it together !

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